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Meant To Move, LLC is a studio providing lessons in Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR). Both Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling provide techniques to strengthen and tone, while developing proper alignment in the body. These techniques lead to more flexibility, greater muscle tone, better posture and proper alignment of joints, which decrease risk of injury, as well as enhancing your ability to do all of the activities you love in your life!

The studio offers a safe and supportive environment, and is appropriate for beginners to advanced athletes, and everyone in between!

Regardless of level of fitness, age, goals, or history of injuries, Pilates is for you. All lessons are designed to meet each student’s individual needs.

Meant To Move is fully equipped with Gratz Pilates equipment. We also have all equipment needed for YBR. All you need are your workout clothes, the work is done barefoot. For virtual classes you may want some small equipment. This can be discussed with your teacher. To schedule your appointment now call 610-442-9999, or send an email.


Personal Training

Personal training and Pilates both focus on functional strength. We need muscles in our body to actually do normal daily living, hence the body weight training and weight training and/or those additional red or blue springs on the reformer here in the studio that your instructor sometimes sneaks on.

Benefits of Pilates and Yamuna body Rolling

  • Improved alignment and posture  
  • Strength and toning 
  • Flexibility and range of motion 
  • Endurance and overall physical performance 
  • Decrease back, neck, and joint pain 
  • Decrease risk of injury

Online Workouts

Ultimate Core Workout

Instructor: Alixandra Smith

Ultimate Core Workout

Instructor: Alixandra Smith